Stop Coal. Protect the Climate!

  • 24th to 29th of August 2017Rhineland Open Pit mines
  • 3rd to 5th November 2017during the UN-Climate Conference

Perspectives-Meeting in early February 2018

Afterwards is before – come to our next meeting!

5. September 2017 The next Ende Gelände meeting will take place in Hannover from September 15-17 in Hannover. Newbies welcome! On Friday, we will do a de-brief of the preparation process of the last action. On Saturday, 12.00 noon, we welcome new people with fresh energy who want to join us organizing the November action. There will be welcome rounds and the chance to jump straight into a working group. People's power needed! Continue reading ...

6000 people against lignite mining

30. August 2017 Today the climate camp near Erkelenz is taking down its tents. In the last week, it was the main base for a series of powerful and diverse protests against lignite mining in the Rhineland Coalfields. On Friday and Saturday, thousands of „Ende Gelände“ activists blocked the train tracks which supply Germany’ s dirtiest coal-fired power … Continued Continue reading ...

More blockades!

26. August 2017 Lots of things going on in the Rhineland coalfields: Also today, Ende Gelände occupied the train tracks that supply power-plant Neurath with lignite. Other groups blocked road accesses to Neurath - the second dirtiest in Europe, by the way. Lots of things were happening all over the Rhineland today: Early in the morning, coal trains near the Hambach mine were stopped by a lock-on. A human chain of 3500 people drew a "red line" against lignite mining. And hundreds of people are busy on the three climate camps, supporting the actions. Continue reading ...

Think about packing now

27. June 2017 You cannot prepare early enough! Even if you don't actively engage in the organisation, even if you don't travel to the meeting in Cologne , you can support Ende Gelände energetically and simply. Take all the stuff that can get you or other out of tricky situations. You don't know what? Continue reading ...

May the hot summer begin!

3. June 2017 Dear climate justice activists, may the hot summer begin! A week from now, the Ende Gelände alliance will meet in Berlin to continue planning this year's actions in the Rhineland in August and November. Continue reading ...