Stop Coal. Protect the Climate!

  • 24th to 29th of August 2017Rhineland Open Pit mines
  • 3rd to 5th November 2017during the UN-Climate Conference

Perspectives-Meeting in early February 2018

Perspectives meeting in early February

The next Ende Gelände meeting will be from the 2-4 February 2018 in Essen. The perspectives within Ende Gelände for 2018 (and beyond) will be discussed.

We invite you all in your local groups/political groups/affinity groups, to discuss the future of the climate justice movement, and to think about what our next steps might be. Send your texts and ideas to: moderation@ende-gelaende.org (PGP-Key).

The call to contribute ideas is aimed particularly at groups and individuals who are active in Ende Gelände, feel part of EG or want to be active, in the next year.

Here are a few questions as a suggestion:

  • Where do we stand as a climate justice movement, when we look back at the last year? What has happened? What have we achieved?
  • Where do we stand in the bigger fight for a world without dominance and exploitation?
  • What next steps will enable us to be in a better position after 2018 than now? What could we do then that we can not yet do now?
  • What are the political hurdles for 2018 / Which political issues can we address? Who do we want to work with?
  • Should we continue our struggle next year with an escalation against lignite? What other topics are there besides lignite, where Ende Gelände, as an alliance of mass action, could sharpen the social conflict?
  • Which locations are key for our resistance?
  • What capacities do we see in our structures and groups?

If you want to work on it in your group together, perhaps you will find these resources for strategy development useful:

Campaign planning

Spectrum of Allies

Tactic Star

As always, possible alliances with other actors are important. In the European context, information exchange takes place at a delegates meeting of the Climate Justice Action Network (CJA) in mid-January. Delegates from various European climate groups (for example, Limity jsme my, Ende Gelände or Code Rood) will meet in Amsterdam. Similar to the Ende Gelände call-out, there was a desire to exchange plans for 2018 in writing as early as possible (texts and registrations to contact@climatejusticeaction.net ).