Stop Coal. Protect the Climate!

  • 24th to 29th of August 2017Rhineland Open Pit mines
  • 3rd to 5th November 2017during the UN-Climate Conference

Perspectives-Meeting in early February 2018

Working structure

The most effective way to support Ende Gelände is by participating in on of the following working groups (WG).
More information about them you also find this flyer.

General tasks (outside of groups) in the preparation process:

  • Organising mobi events in your town
  • Hosting and preparing Ende Gelände Meetings
  • Moderation of Ende Gelände Meetings
  • Translation (in meetings / of mobi materials / newsletters / minutes / …)

Legal Team for all (actiondays august 2017)

The Legal Team for all is the anti-repression-crew for the actiondays in
august 2017. If you have any questionns, contact them:
legal_team_fuer_alle@posteo.de (pgp-Key) Please also write to
them if you recieve any letters or similar things from the police, court
or prosecution after the actions. Our solidarity against their repression!

Legal Team (actiondays november 2017)

Get in contact with the anti-repression-crew for the actiondays in
november 2017: legalteam@ende-gelaende.org (pgp-Key)

Homepage Redatkion

eMail: redaktion@ende-gelaende.org (PGP-Key)

  • Creating a homepage concept
  • Creation and put online of content for the homepage


eMail: finanzen@ende-gelaende.org (PGP-Key)

  • Fundraising
  • Administration of the budgets of each working group
  • Overseeing the overall budget
  • Paying bills

Public Relations /Press

eMail: presse@ende-gelaende.org (PGP-Key)

  • Developing strategies for our messaging, a story, main messages
  • Writing and publishing press releases
  • Writing articles for different media
  • Giving interviews
  • Get in touch with reporters / photographers / radio stations / …
  • Update our Press review
  • Supporting anti-repression campaigns
  • Staying in touch with international press people & activists
  • staying in touch with other working groups
  • connecting other activists and journalists
  • enabling journalists to observe and document the actions from within the action/making sure that our actions will be broadly reported about by all kinds of media
  • trying to share a most diverse picture of Ende Gelände: Different activists, people
  • enabling people to do interviews and other press work
  • promoting women in speaker’s positions
  • technical stuff: keeping our space on the website up-to-date; dealing with photos; address book; internal communication tools
  • welcomes also people who do not want direct contact with media, or who have no experience and want to learn about it

Mobilisation and international mobilisation

eMail: mobi@ende-gelaende.org (PGP-Key)

  • Social Media
  • Website
  • Newsletter
  • Creating and sending mobilisation materials (flyers, stickers, poster, …)
  • Helping with the organisation of info events
  • Coordination of busses to the camp/action

AG International

eMail: international@ende-gelaende.org (PGP-Key)

  • international networking
  • skill sharing
  • coordination of translation


eMail: legalteam@ende-gelaende.org (pgp-Key)

  • Provide Legal Information and Trainings
  • Providing legal counseling before and (long) after the action
  • providing the„Ermittlungsausschuss“ throughout the action
  • getting in touch with authorities / police / lawyers througout the action
  • Counting number of arrests and discharges

Action preparing

eMail: endegelaende_aktion@riseup.net (PGP-Key)

  • Organising action trainings (??)
  • Scouting the area and developing action ideas/tactics
  • Organising action infrastructure and providing material and food throughout the action

Action logistics

eMail: aktionslogistik@ende-gelaende.org (PGP-Key)

  • Organising action infrastructure and providing material and food throughout the action: mobile toilets, construction material, transports, action materials
  • Partner of the action logistics group
  • Enabler 😉

Camp Organisation

eMail: camp@ende-gelaende.org (PGP-Key)

    • Organising the camp infrastructure
    • Organising the programm of the camp
    • Organising the kitchen crew
  • Finding the location for the camp
  • Setting up the camp


eMail: sani@ende-gelaende.org (PGP-Key)

Prozess AG

eMail: prozess@ende-gelaende.org   (PGP-Key)

  • Wants to be approachable for organizational and emotional concerns in the process as well as for external structures that work with EC.
  • Maintains an overview of upcoming tasks and responsibilities and supports the moderation groups.
  • Attempts to make transparent, prioritize and delegate tasks which have remained or are unique in the process.
  • Is not a decision-making body or a superordinate structure, but tries to be “lubricating oil” in the process.
  • Takes on awareness tasks and strives to ensure that those who are active in the process, including newcomers, feel comfortable with their respective roles.
  •  would like to have a contact person in every AG, who is responsible for the flow of information in both directions.